What is CST

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a specialised field of alternative medicine, born from osteopathy, that supports health. Its’ name stems from the craniosacral system – the membranes and fluid that surround the brain and spinal cord – Central Nervous System (CNS). The role of the craniosacral system is to maintain a healthy fluid environment for the CNS.

Think about the CNS – it controls the actions of the body, voluntary and involuntary, by relaying signals to and from our brain through our spinal cord to all our body systems. It is responsible for sight, hearing, breathing, movement, heart and our senses. It is our emotional centre too, the interpreter of our external world. It is vital to life. It follows that a healthy cranio-sacral system is essential for a healthy central nervous system, and this in turn for a healthy functioning body and mind.

At The Wave Clinic, I create a client led and paced approach. I prepare a space for each client that generates a deep sense of safety and calm. During a session, emotional memories as well as physical pain may emerge and resolve smoothly. Often our body needs to release a stuck memory and senses when it is safe to do so. This process allows for the healing of emotional as well as physical pain, anxiety, trauma, and the stresses of life. This action is known as Somatic Release

How can CranioSacral Therapy benefit me?

Each session of CranioSacral Therapy is tailored to the individual. Often, stress causes restrictions around the central nervous system and in the body tissue, leading to pain and discomfort. Once these are released during a treatment, the body’s natural ability to balance and rid itself of toxins is restored. If you suffer with headaches or sinus pain, a CST treatment will relieve the tension and support healing. If you have stress in your life or struggle with anxiety, a CST treatment will calm your nervous system by releasing tension and restoring balance.  

What can I expect?

Your CST session will be unique to you. Before your session I will send you some general information about your appointment and if you have questions you are welcome to phone me. In general, when you arrive at the clinic, we will sit and chat about how you are feeling and what you hope to gain from the session.

Can CranioSacral Therapy help babies and children?

Paediatric CranioSacral Therapy benefits infants by removing the negative effect of birth trauma if it has been a difficult birth. The treatment removes any compression patterns set during birth, and any stress you may have experienced, prenatal or postnatal, are gently eased away. A treatment for baby can address feeding issues, colic and reflux and aid restlessness. Children of all ages benefit from craniosacral therapy. It supports their growth, relieves symptoms of asthma, digestive problems and calms their often, overworked nervous system.