What is Somatic Release


Scientists are more aware now of the relationship between the mind and the body, as research uncovers the link between releasing emotional stress and trauma as a key factor to health. Every cell in our body has the ability to remember experiences. As we age, our body becomes the story of our life, our cells mapping memories, storing physical, emotional and mental happenings. Most of these are pleasant memories, but when an experience feels overwhelming and is more than the person can cope with at the time, the memory is suppressed, leading to unresolved emotional trauma. The energy of the trauma hides in the body tissue until it can be released (somatic release)

During this time, the nervous system causes the person to relive the past, as their body (soma) replays their protective flight response over and over, causing the person to mistake the past for the present. As the unexpressed emotions are repressed and the body systems become stressed, they create imbalance, leading to emotional and psychological pain, often resulting in physical symptoms including stress, high blood pressure, extreme arousal of the nervous system, weakened immune system, depleted energy, digestive issues, hormonal imbalance and sleep disruption.
In my work over the years, I have seen many physiological and mental disturbances resolve once a disturbing memory is released from the body. This may happen with full awareness, or the person may simply report feeling lighter after their session.
How can somatic release benefit me?
Most clients I have worked with describe feeling lighter and freer following an emotional release. When our body holds trauma and our nervous system is stuck in a cycle of fear, or frozen in time, it makes sense that releasing the memory will result in lightness and calmness. This leads to feeling physically stronger as well as emotionally.
What can I expect?
Many times, I have seen a suppressed memory being released very naturally during a CranioSacral treatment. At other times a person has buried a trauma and tried to forget about it. but once they begin the process of healing, the memory surfaces to be freed. This only happens when a person is ready and at their own pace during a session. It can be emotional and in my experience the release they feel will benefit them mentally, physically and emotionally.