Paediatric CranioSacral Therapy benefits infants, children and teens.

The function of the CranioSacral System is to maintain a healthy environment for the central nervous system to function well and influence a variety of bodily systems.

As a therapist trained in paediatric CranioSacral therapy and experienced in the field of child development, I offer a sensitive, caring environment where you and your baby can feel supported. Feeling secure, baby will communicate areas of discomfort and allow their body to release tension. With gentle hands-on techniques, areas of compression and misalignment can be eased as your baby’s body softens and relaxes. With pressure and tension released, their body is freed up to function naturally and baby’s wellbeing restored.

A CranioSacral treatment can address newborn concerns by removing compression patterns set during birth, along with easing any stress you may have experienced – prenatal or postnatal. A treatment for baby can address feeding issues, colic and reflux, aid restlessness, correct torticollis, encourage correction of mishappen head shape and support overall balance and calm.

Children of all ages benefit from CranioSacral therapy. It supports their growth, relieves symptoms of asthma, digestive problems and calms their often overworked nervous system.

Teens too benefit from a CST treatment. Issues around school phobia, bullying, confidence and self-esteem are some of the concerns I meet regularly. Post covid, many children are experiencing new levels of anxiety and phobias. CranioSacral therapy can calm and restore balance to their overstimulated nervous system by releasing tension and rebalancing the body systems.

Especially for Newborns

A CranioSacral treatment can be extremely beneficial to newborns. If a birth is complicated, a baby can face a number of stressful challenges on her journey into the world.

Each birth is different, and evidence suggests that a high percentage of newborn babies hold some birth stress after the event. The bones in a baby’s head are separate moving parts, a beautiful design by nature to move and adjust as the baby travels through the birth canal, propelling her as she works with contractions.

However, problems can occur when cranial bones become compressed and remain out of shape afterwards.

This may happen if your baby experiences~

  • Forceps delivery
  • Ventouse delivery
  • Prolonged or traumatic birth
When pressure is placed on the baby’s spine during birth, misalignment may occur, resulting in some upset to the nerves in the baby’s neck. This is likely to lead to discomfort and an unsettled baby. Gentle holding and soft adjusting techniques will correct this and calm the baby’s central nervous system, restoring balance.
Compression of the cranial nerves that affect sucking, swallowing and the digestive system can be freed along with branch nerves that carry signals around the body, especially those of the gut. Residual tension around the stomach and colon can lead to a baby experiencing uncomfortable digestive issues and often spasms of colic, as their sensitive, immature digestive system works to adapt to a new environment. Encouraging gentle release of tension in the stomach during a treatment restores calm and peaceful sleep patterns.

When Can Baby Have a CST Treatment?

Newborns benefit greatly from a CranioSacral treatment within two weeks of birth – ideally in the first few days.

On average, three treatments are required, however, differences may be noticeable after just one treatment. After a difficult delivery, and for premature babies, more treatments may be needed.

Home visits can be arranged to facilitate newborns and parents. Get in touch to learn more or book a session.